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Penny Breakout is a premiere online resource for penny stock trade alerts, market analysis and OTC trading strategies/tools. Everyday our team works to provide our subscribers with aggressive stock alerts that we feel could potential increase in value in the near future. Our team is not comprised of writers, but real traders who have had great success in the OTC market.

Unlike traditional investing, penny stock traders have to rely on the entire OTC community in order to be successful. Since CNBC, Bloomberg and other online publications neglect the OTC market, websites such as, PennyBreakout.com offer traders additional insight into investing into this market.

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Information is key in any aspect of decision-making and in the penny stock market news dissemination is widely limited. While many companies listed as OTC securities try to provide timely 10-Q and 10-K’s, many fail to provide any information. This could be for a wide assortment of reasons and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the stock is a ‘bad investment’.

The ‘Market Efficiency’ hypothesis states that it is impossible for investors to outperform the market because all available information is already built into the stock’s price.  While many investors agree with this statement, penny stock traders refute it.  This is because, it is extremely difficult to value a start-up company that is not required to report information to investors on a reoccurring basis.  Couple that, with the fact that penny stocks can move 50% + on any given day, it is common sense that the market does not know how to price the security to its fair value.

What Penny Breakout Offers

As OTC traders, we view additional knowledge as the key component to success in the penny stock arena. Penny Breakout is fully equipped with the tools to keep up with the latest information on profitable penny stocks, regardless if they report or not. Our team works everyday to provide investors with profitable trade ideas by doing the following (but not limited to) due diligence:

  • Using our large directory of market traders, research analyst’s and institutional investment funds to exchange equity research ideas and company information.
  • Contacting company management and investor relation firms to assess how they plan to increase shareholder equity and produce investment measures.
  • Daily market screens from our database of over 8,000 OTC securities that can be tailored to provide fundamental and technical trade ideas.
  • Integrating key financial measures into our proprietary OTC valuation models to produce price targets for short and long term traders.
  • Monitoring our sophisticated news syndication technology to spot new trade ideas when company information/reports are made public.

Our team cannot make a penny stock efficient solely on our research and coverage alone, but we can use our tools and methods listed above to allow our subscribers to enter positions that we feel our mispriced by the market.  This allows our members to capture more profit by already having a position in the market when the stock does find it’s accurate value and investor awareness is at its highest.


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Again, as penny stock traders, information is essential and having just one more outlet could be the difference between a good trade and a bad trade.

The Penny Breakout Staff